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5 Tips To Tighten Skin Under the Chin

Loose skin around your jawline, more commonly called “jowls,” can wreak havoc on your self-confidence. The appearance of droopy skin or a double chin can...

5 Tips To Tighten Skin Under the Chin

Loose skin around your jawline, more commonly called “jowls,” can wreak havoc on your self-confidence. The appearance of droopy skin or a double chin can be especially bothersome, as this area cannot be changed with exercise - but the good news is there there are simple at-home solutions to help tighten and tone the skin beneath your chin to help give you the youthful, lifted appearance you desire.

Why Does Skin Sag?

It’s one of the not-so-fun facts about aging: our skin ages along with us. But that doesn’t mean we’re doomed to deep wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Instead, with the right product ingredients, better lifestyle choices, and the power of microcurrent technology, we can minimize the appearance of aging skin and keep a more youthful appearance. 

Skin ages for a few different reasons, including genetics and skin type. For instance, if one or both of your parents developed deep wrinkles or sagging skin, you may be more likely to have the same experience. In addition, dry skin types usually show fine lines more rapidly than oily skin. 

In addition, there are other reasons why skin loses its firm, plump look. 

Collagen and Elastin Loss

Collagen production keeps our skin looking youthful. Collagen is a protein that creates fat pads under our eyes and cheeks, filling our skin and keeping it plump. Unfortunately, aging causes us to lose about 1% of our collagen production each year, resulting in skin that appears more hollow and hangs loosely on the neck and face.

Elastin is another protein that keeps the skin tight, helping it stretch and return to its original position. When we lose elastin, our skin may begin to sag, creating wrinkles and droopy skin.

Skin Cell Turnover

When we are young, our skin renews quickly, giving us a new layer of healthy, youthful skin every 28-30 days. However, the skin cell turnover rate slows as we enter adulthood and may take 45-50 days to complete. 

When skin cell turnover slows, we experience skin conditions like dullness, rough skin, and even breakouts. In addition, fine lines may become more noticeable, and sun damage may become more pronounced. 

Sun Damage

Along with the passage of time sun exposure ages our skin more than anything. As a result, sun damage places us at a higher risk of developing skin cancers and causes a more rapid decline in the skin's health. 

Photodamage, caused by ultraviolet rays, can leave you with an uneven skin tone and dark spots that are hard to fade. Repeated sun exposure without protection can also cause your skin to sag and wrinkle, causing premature aging.

How Does Aging Affect the Chin?

Blame it on gravity. The fact that the jawline rests at the bottom of your face makes it prime real estate for sagging skin. As you begin to lose volume in your skin and it sags, it will naturally pull the skin around your chin and jawline downward, creating jowls or the appearance of a double chin or “pouch” beneath the chin. 

While this skin begins to sag, you’ll likely also notice similar changes in your neck skin. The skin on the neck is naturally thinner and may become crepey or less elastic, resulting in the dreaded “turkey neck” look. 

NuFACE offers non-surgical options that are FDA-cleared, aesthetician-created, and proven to help minimize the look of saggy skin in the neck area and around the chin. 

How To Tighten Skin Under the Chin

Our tips for tightening up don’t require you to miss work or happy hour. You can add them to your daily skincare routine for dramatic results!

1. Use Skin-Supporting Topical Ingredients

Because collagen and elastin are so important, giving your skin more of what it needs to support protein production is critical to creating youthful skin. Peptides, or chains of amino acids, help your cells’ natural ability to produce collagen and elastin. 

A peptide serum can help support your skin’s ability to make collagen and elastin, resulting in a youthful-looking skin appearance. We recommend NuFACE Super Peptide Booster Serum, formulated with peptides and our proprietary IonPlex® blend of mineral ions and glacial water. Our formula keeps skin hydrated and healthy and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. 

2. Stay Hydrated

Even if you don’t have dry skin, your skin is probably dehydrated. Getting moisture into your skin requires a healthy diet with plenty of water intake and powerful ingredients that help hydrate and nourish the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in your skin and is a fabulous addition to your skincare product lineup. With the ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid pulls moisture into your skin and helps prevent moisture loss. Using a Microcurrent Activator with your NuFACE Microcurrent Device conducts microcurrent and deeply hydrates skin and locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid.

3. Get Current

Microcurrent Technology helps to tighten, tone, and firm your skin by sending low-level electrical signals deep into the layers of the skin and the facial muscles. This technology is non-invasive and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles associated with facial expressions and the loss of collagen and elastin. 

Microcurrent devices stimulate the skin to produce more ATP, or adenosine-triphosphate, a molecule the skin needs for energy. When skin cells have more energy, they can carry out cellular functions better, which may lead to a healthier, more radiant skin appearance. 

The NuFACE TRINITY+ Starter Kit has everything you need to start your at-home microcurrent therapy and begin a skin regimen around your chin and on your face and neck. 

4. Amp It Up

Microcurrent Activators formulated with IonPlex®️, deliver hydration and ensure proper microcurrent conduction. 

  • Aqua Gel Activator is a lightweight, hydrating gel activator that helps you get 24 hours of hydration. Formulated with IonPlex®️, a blend of glacial water and ions, to deeply hydrate skin and help deliver microcurrent deep down to facial muscle.
  • Silk Crème Activator. Our brightening and tightening Silk Creme Activator contains IonPlex®️ and hyaluronic acid for hydration and full microcurrent activation. It also includes eight phyto-actives to help skin tone and texture, keeping skin looking bright and eliminating a dull appearance. 

5. Wear Sunscreen

It’s not necessarily a tightening tip, but it’s a tip that will help you avoid sagging skin in the future. Wearing an SPF of 30 or higher is essential for helping keep your skin firm and tight and avoiding sun damage. 

Firm Up

You aren’t limited to surgical treatments and fillers to treat the sagging skin under your chin. Using the power of microcurrent technology can help you get a firmer, tighter skin appearance with cumulative results over time. NuFACE makes it easy to harness the power of the current. 


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