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5 Ways How To Tighten Neck Skin

As skin ages, it gradually loses its youthful elasticity, and collagen production slows, so the skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to. While loose or sagging skin isn’t typically...

As skin ages, it gradually loses its youthful elasticity, and collagen production slows, so the skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to. While loose or sagging skin isn’t typically cause for concern, it may make you feel less than stellar. One problem area that many women say they notice loose, sagging skin in is their neck. Loose skin on the neck may feel soft and make your jawline look less defined.

Though we don’t often think about the skin on our necks, this area is in near-constant movement, and our neck skin needs elasticity to pull and bend without sagging. Unfortunately, the natural aging process depletes this elasticity, pulling the fat cells down to form the telltale wrinkles of a saggy neck. 

If your loose, saggy neck skin is putting a damper on your self-confidence, there are simple steps you can do to help tone and tighten your skin! 

What Causes Loose Neck Skin?

Your fat cells move as you age, creating the “drooping” effect of skin that we see in fine lines and their eventual transformation into wrinkles. Your fat cells are stored in the subcutaneous layer, the hypodermis. This is your last layer of skin, followed by the middle layer (dermis) and the outer layer (epidermis). 

Fine lines form on the epidermis but progress deeper into the skin, becoming more set-in wrinkles. So if you are developing fine lines on your neck and jowls, it is best to intervene, so deep-set wrinkles don’t form as soon as possible.

Other factors, like declining collagen production due to age, contribute to lost skin elasticity and the resulting loose skin. Excessive exposure to the sun also has the potential to break down collagen. Without proper collagen and elastin, skin firmness declines, too.

Neck skin can be exposed to more sun than facial skin because people often forget to apply the ever-essential SPF 30 to their neck area. So while taking care of your facial skin is essential, your neck (and the rest of the body) should be adequately protected, too!

How Can I Tighten Neck Skin?

1. Exfoliation

Proper exfoliation is the first step towards tightening your neck skin. 

There are many ways to exfoliate, both physically and chemically, but the end goal is to remove the buildup of dead skin. 

Dead skin cells can build up at the end of their life cycle, creating uneven texture and contributing to the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, as your skin cell turnover rate slows down, your skin needs more help, increasingly removing that dead skin cell buildup.

Some popular exfoliants you can look for include alpha hydroxy acids, like lactic acid, and retinoids, such as retinol. Retinol, in particular, is popular as a method of non-surgical skin tightening. This ingredient not only exfoliates but also helps promote blood flow and support healthy skin cell turnover to reduce the appearance of signs of aging.

You can incorporate these ingredients into your skincare routines using creams, moisturizers, and topical serums.

Since the skin on your neck is so thin, exfoliating can make a big difference. Fine lines may visibly blur once the dried-out dead skin cells have been buffed away, and your skin may feel more smooth.

2. Moisturizer

Speaking of hydration, keeping your skin properly moisturized is the next step. Make sure to add moisturizer into your routine — not only in the morning but also at night. 

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides can help your skin retain hydration, while antioxidants like vitamin C support skin cell health and integrity.

3. Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures that you may typically think of as facial procedures can also help tighten loose skin on the neck. Some standard procedures are dermabrasion and microdermabrasion, which can help to reveal smoother and brighter-looking skin by removing dead skin cell buildup.

Meanwhile, microneedling utilizes “microneedles” to aerate the top layer of the skin, supporting healthy circulation and collagen production. Radiofrequency microneedling is another method with similar results, including plump and youthful-looking skin. 

The best cosmetic procedure for tightening loose skin is therapy. This practice is used to specifically target the skin on the neck, lifting any drooping skin or wrinkles with ultrasounds. It is advanced and non-invasive, making it a simple in-office procedure with a board-certified dermatologist.

4. Facial Exercises

If you’re looking for a more straightforward method, try facial exercises. This can help tighten the appearance of the skin more gradually, and it may also help to promote blood flow and support elasticity. 

Facial and neck exercises may help rebuild muscle strength you’ve lost with time, particularly in the muscles that keep your skin from sagging. In addition, when you have stronger neck muscles, it can help support fat cells from progressing downwards. This can work to prevent pockets of loose skin caused by muscle laxity.

5. NuFACE® Technology

If you’re looking for non-surgical neck skin tightening solutions, try NuFACE devices with microcurrent technology. NuFACE devices send microcurrents into your facial muscles, strengthening them and promoting blood flow. In addition, the currents can support muscle growth and collagen to help tone lose or sagging areas along the jawline or neck.

Skincare Devices

The NuFACE MINI+ Starter Kit contains the MINI+ facial toning device that’s perfect for using at home or throwing in your bag for on-the-go use! It helps tone, lift, and contour your appearance in minutes!

Meanwhile, the TRINITY+ Starter Kit includes the best-selling TRINITY+ microcurrent device to help target the larger neck area. It has the same visible tightening effect, and 91% of customers saw a visible lift in their neck skin after 60 days.

The Trinity Device can be used with the Wrinkle Reducer Red Light Therapy Attachment. With this attachment, you can harness the power of LED light therapy, which transforms the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by promoting collagen production. 

Pair the MINI+ and TRINITY+ Devices with the Super Antioxidant Booster serum, made with ingredients like superfruits, green tea extract, Japanese artemisia capillaris, carnosine, and edelweiss flower. All super boosters are esthetician-formulated and feature clean ingredients. 

The Bottom Line

A sagging neck is nothing to feel down about - many simple, at-home solutions can effectively help tighten, tone, and lift your neck and restore your confidence. 


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