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4 Ways on How To Tighten Skin

There are some really incredible benefits of aging: a broader skillset, more wisdom and life experience, and self-confidence. One part of aging most of us...

4 Ways on How To Tighten Skin

There are some really incredible benefits of aging: a broader skillset, more wisdom and life experience, and self-confidence. One part of aging most of us don’t love so much? Wrinkles. 

Most people have been convinced by the beauty marketplace and health advisors that wrinkles and skin loosening are expected with age. However, we’re here to tell you that isn’t necessarily the case — and it doesn’t have to be with the proper tools!

At NuFACE, we want our customers to feel heard but, even more importantly, seen. Tip-toeing around common complaints and only portraying the “afters” of skin is not helpful to anyone. So no, this time, we’re here to fully delve into those pesky “before” skin that has begun to sag. 

We’ll target information about fine lines, wrinkles, and other areas that may need tightening around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, and neck. Of course, the best way to create an environment conducive to skin tightening is to stop it in its tracks or prevent it from happening in the first place. So no matter what stage you’re on in your skincare journey, we’re here to help you get results.

How Does Aging Impact Skin?

We can’t escape age. The natural elements wear down our skin as we age. Laugh lines form near our smiles, and wrinkles may start to pepper our forehead after navigating all seasons. Age indeed wears down the amount of oil you usually have in your skin, and fat that once was underneath may thin. 

Before we go any further, we want to reiterate that these “problem spots” are simply signs of a well-lived life and nothing to be ashamed of. 

Since this issue is so universal, you’ll likely run into some poorly formulated products and procedures marketed to tighten your skin. At NuFACE, we use only the best ingredients in our products and innovative technology in our tools. As a result, our skincare is clinically proven to be safe and effective. We know you want results fast, and these next steps can help you get them. 

What Causes Loose or Sagging Skin?

Apart from the simple passage of time, a few other factors can lead to loose skin. Of course, this goes for all your skin exposed to these elements, but the effects can be particularly harsh on your face. 

UV light and sun exposure can disrupt the dermis in your skin, which houses your collagen and elastin production. These two skin components create elasticity (or its ability to bounce back and stay firm). Once the tissue is weakened due to sun damage, the side effects will be visible — likely in the form of sagging, loose, or wrinkled skin. 

You probably grew up with warnings from relatives to always wear your sunscreen. They were right! Sunscreen is a physical barrier against UV light, which can help protect you against wrinkles and fine lines.

How Can I Tighten Skin?

The best way to tighten your skin quickly and efficiently is to set and follow a routine. You’ll need to know exactly what products to choose, how they work, and how to use them. 

1. Choose the Right Products for Results 

It is a great idea to invest in serum and moisturizers

If you want to target broken or damaged collagen, we recommend adding a serum to your routine. Serums are generally either oil or water-based, and they help penetrate your skin to deliver essential nutrients, hydration, and active ingredients where they are needed most. Here at NuFACE, our Super Antioxidant Booster Serum helps defend your skin against oxidative stress with ingredients like our IonPlex® as well as a superfruit blend. In addition, our formula helps support proper skin elasticity and firmness for the ultimate revitalized complexion without potentially irritating active ingredients like retinol. 

Moisturizers are a fantastic way to combat any skin dryness that comes with age. In addition, they may make your skin appear fuller, which in turn may help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give you an airbrushed look.

2. Consider NuFACE Skincare Devices

If you’re ready to take the following steps, consider looking into a mechanical aid. At NuFACE, we have designed shape-sculpting tools that use microcurrent technology to blur fine lines and wrinkles using 3-Depth Technology. In addition, our skincare devices target saggy skin to help tighten it to perfection. 


Our NuFACE MINI+ Starter Kit is the best way to introduce yourself to the world of microcurrent sculpting. This set comes with the MINI+ Smart Device, which features 3-Depth technology, targeting the skin and muscles to give the face a tighter and lifted look. As a result, 91% of actual users surveyed reported instant improvement in cheek contour, and 93% reported decreased lines in the forehead. In addition, this set includes a face brush, Hydrating Aqua Gel, and our Brightening and Firming Silk Creme. 


The NuFACE TRINITY+ Starter Kit uses the same technology as the MINI+, with the bonus of a Boost Button for an additional 25% microcurrent. This tool is excellent for targeting wrinkles and signs of aging and allows for red light therapy and eye & lip attachments to treat specific face areas. 

3. Get Ahead of the Wrinkles

As we mentioned before, UV rays and light are some of the most damaging elements to your skin. So even if you dutifully avoid tanning beds, you’re still bound to be exposed to the sun. You'll save yourself extra worry by slathering on that SPF 30 (at least). 

A great workaround if you are prone to forgetting sunscreen applications is to buy face lotions or BB creams that already contain SPF. 

Additionally, keep up with a healthy diet to ensure you’re getting all the proper nutrients for your skin and overall health, like vitamin C. Make sure you’re representing all the food groups, with a particular focus on fruits and vegetables. 

4. Consider Skin Tightening Treatments

Laser treatments like laser resurfacing are often used for highly loose skin, but it targets all your problem spots without needing constant upkeep. However, specific laser treatments and cosmetic surgeries can lead to uncomfortable side effects and downtime for healing.

At NuFACE, we advocate for skin tightening treatments using our skincare devices because they are far more accessible to most customers than conventional surgical procedures and have zero downtime - so you can treat in the morning or evening and go about your day!

Support Youthful-Looking Skin With NuFACE

If you’re looking to achieve the appearance of tighter, more toned skin, crafting the proper skincare routine is a great place to start. Products like moisturizers, SPF, and serums can help support your overall skin health, setting the foundation for better results. However, if you want tight, glowing, and healthy skin, you must treat it right. 

Invasive skin tightening procedures are not realistic for most people, which is why we offer innovative skincare devices using microcurrent technology to combat skin sagging, improve the look of the skin’s surface, and support better skin tone and contour. 



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