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How To Plump Lips at Home

Plump, full lips are having a serious moment in the beauty world. While lip filler injections have become incredibly popular and many beauty brands are marketing lip-plumping products, there are...

Plump, full lips are having a serious moment in the beauty world. While lip filler injections have become incredibly popular and many beauty brands are marketing lip-plumping products, there are other non-invasive ways to get a fuller-looking pout right at home.

Can You Get Fuller Lips?

You can perform a variety of treatments to get fuller lips, but taking a look at your lip baseline is essential to determine the right treatment for you. Two main factors contribute to your natural lip shape and fullness: genetics and age.


You got it from your mama (or dad). Unsurprisingly, your genetics largely determines the size and shape of your lips. If your parents have thinner lips, you probably got them too. On the other hand, if you’ve been blessed with naturally full lips, you may want to thank your parents! 


Aging affects your lips just like it affects your skin. The most significant components of your lips are hyaluronan (the body’s natural hyaluronic acid) and collagen. Both of these critical lip-plumping molecules begin to decrease over time - so the lips you have in your 40s will likely look much less full than the ones you had in your 20s! 

What Are Some Methods for Plumping Lips?

There’s no shortage of ways to get fuller lips, but many techniques are invasive and can even damage your lips. Injections must be repeated every few months, and the process is painful and not without serious risks. Lip filler can migrate to other areas of the face, cause bruises, and can drive up a huge price tag to maintain the lip fullness you desire.

Ride the Current to a Perfect Pout

You can’t change your genetics or stop the clock from ticking, but you can support your lips and the surrounding skin so that your lips appear fuller and healthier. Microcurrent technology helps you do it painlessly, in three minutes per day, and the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

How Does Microcurrent Work?

Microcurrent therapy has been used in the medical field since the 1970s. It works by stimulating the skin down to the muscles with an electrical current that mimics our body’s natural current. 

This current helps stimulate the production of energy within cellular bodies, which can helps enhance skin tone and improve facial contour.

NuFACE® Microcurrent Devices are designed to be used at home to give you these results in just minutes daily. 

How Can You Make Microcurrent Lip Treatment Part of Your Routine?

The best part about using microcurrent at home is how easy and quickly you can do it. You only need three minutes (per treatment area) and a few tools to get started. It’s the perfect alternative to invasive lip fillers.

1. Prep Your Pout

Start with clean, dry lips. Remove any lip balm and blot with a tissue to ensure no excess product clinging to your lips. You’ll also want to cleanse the skin around the lip area with an oil-free cleanser.

2. Activate

NuFACE FIX® Serum targets the lips with hyaluronic acid, triple peptide complex, and IonPlex®, a proprietary blend of supercharged ions and glacial water to ensure proper microcurrent conduction. Apply the serum in a mask-like layer on the skin around your lips, ensuring you get it on the edges of your lips. 

The Clean Sweep Applicator Brush makes application easy and fast and helps you avoid transferring oil from your fingers to your skin before treatment. 

3. Feather and Flick

Using your NuFACE FIX® Line Smoothing Device, feather away fine lines at the edges of your lips and the skin surrounding them. This helps stimulate the skin surrounding the lips to help support your lips for a visibly lifted effect or appearance. 

Flick NuFACE FIX on the lip line and perform quick flicking motions outward to enhance volume. The device will automatically turn off at three minutes to let you know your treatment is complete. 

The benefit of owning NuFACE FIX is that it also works for your eye area and forehead lines — it’s a 3-in-1 tool to help blur the lines you don’t want to see.

What Are Some Other Ways To Support Healthy Lips?

Taking care of your lips will also help them appear fuller and healthier. You can do this by making lip health a priority. 


Ensure you stay hydrated and use lip products containing lip-plumping ingredients, like hyaluronic acid. 

Hyaluronic acid, found in the NuFACE FIX Serum, can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, making it a perfect solution for lips naturally declining in volume. 


The sun can damage the thin membranes that cover your lips and cause them to become chapped, burned, and eventually peel. A lip balm with sunscreen is essential for protecting lips from harmful UV rays. 


If your lips are feeling flaky, it may be time to exfoliate them. However, you shouldn’t exfoliate your lips too frequently because it can cause them to chap. A gentle exfoliant is also essential because the skin on and around the lips is sensitive and delicate. 

Try mixing coconut oil and brown sugar together at home for a mildly exfoliating lip scrub. Gently apply the mixture to your lips and splash it off with water. Follow up with lip balm. 

Get a Perfect Pout

You want fuller lips but not invasive procedures. Microcurrent therapy delivers and is easy to add to your current skincare routine. You can enhance your lips painlessly and naturally in just three minutes per day by supporting them from the inside out. 

NuFACE has the solutions to keep all areas of your skin supported with microcurrent technologies and devices designed to target areas of concern quickly. 



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