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6 Tips & Tricks on How To Get Rid of Eye Bags

Under-eye bags are one of the most common skin complaints. But for most people, they are a natural sign of aging.  There are many non-invasive...

6 Tips & Tricks on How To Get Rid of Eye Bags

Under-eye bags are one of the most common skin complaints. But for most people, they are a natural sign of aging. 

There are many non-invasive ways to correct eye bags, most of which can be done without ever leaving your home. Here at NuFACE, we want to empower our customers with the highest-end devices to target their skin qualms and the best tips and tricks to take charge of their overall skin health. So let’s dive into what you can do to make your eye bags a worry of the past!

What Are Eye Bags?

Eye bags are characterized by puffiness in the under-eye area — specifically, below the lower eyelid in the hollowed-out part of your face. In addition, eye bags can appear saggy or droopy, often like a section of loose skin hanging on your face. Over time, without any treatment, the appearance of under-eye bags will likely worsen, and the skin will start to look looser and hang lower. 

The skin under your eyes is also very thin, and so most other areas. This is why blood vessels in this area appear darker, giving the effect of dark circles. Under-eye bags and dark circles are separate skin issues. However, since they occur in the same area, one can make the other look more obvious.

What Are Common Causes of Eye Bags?

Under-eye bags can have a few different causes. Most commonly, they are a product of natural skin aging. As you grow older, many of your bodily functions start to slow — including collagen production, which keeps skin firm and complete, and fat stores move downward in our faces. 

However, the puffiness of eye bags comes from fluid retention, which can occur when you eat salty foods or if you’ve just woken up from a long sleep. Both factors make your body hold water, giving a swollen look to the skin. 

How Can I Get Rid of Eye Bags?

Below are some of the most effective ways to target and correct your under-eye bags for a youthful and toned appearance. 

1. Modify Your Lifestyle

Since under-eye bags can appear more extreme with age, fixing behaviors that make your skin age faster will stop the process altogether. Smoking and excessive drinking can age your skin and should be avoided for the other treatments to work to their full potential. 

Sun exposure can cause photoaging, harming your skin’s outer layer and delaying cell turnover. Wearing enough sunscreen, preferably SPF 30 or more, will protect the thinnest skin on your face and slow collagen and elasticity breakdown.

2. Address Allergy Symptoms

One of the easiest ways to fight under-eye bags is to address allergens that may be causing eye irritation or itchiness. If you find yourself dealing with hay fever in the spring, consult your doctor to see if over-the-counter allergy medication may be called for.

If your eye area is particularly irritated and swollen, try placing a green tea bag on the affected skin for soothing benefits. Cold compresses can also help ease irritation and soothe the skin. 

3. Fix Your Sleep Hygiene

This will reduce the look of under-eye bags and help get rid of dark circles. A lack of sleep is one of the biggest reasons for puffy eyes. Add an extra pillow under your head to minimize fluid retention. 

4. Focus on Moisturizing 

While the eye bags are caused by excess fluid, that doesn’t mean your skin is probably hydrated. Often, under eyes appear to sag because they aren’t moisturized, and the skin is puckering. Eye creams with hyaluronic acid and serums with vitamin c can do wonders when it comes to hydrating your skin. This skincare step is crucial if you have a dry skin type. You’ll notice a smoothing effect on your under-eye circles, too.

Additionally, eye cream with topical retinol (a vitamin A derivative) will give your skin a smooth and radiant finish, diminishing droopiness. 

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliating processes, from gentle over-the-counter microbead formulas to cosmetic procedures, can eliminate dead skin on the dermis that is causing fine lines or excess dryness. In addition, a dermatologist can use chemical peels or laser resurfacing to make the skin look smoother.

6. NuFACE Devices

If you’re looking to get rid of those eye bags for good, it’s time to look into microcurrent devices. They send currents to the facial muscles. In response, ATP (energy) is triggered to create more collagen, which tightens skin and drastically improves elasticity (the ability for your skin to pull and pop back into place, like when you’ve rubbed your eyes).

Our highly-awarded Trinity Device, available in a gift set, uses this technology to tone, contour, and lift your skin in five minutes. Our Trinity Device works to contour your entire complexion for a youthful-looking face, and in a study, 77% of participants had a more toned face after use. The Trinity Device Gift Set also includes our Effective Lip & Eye Attachment for more targeted treatment of eye bags and sagging in your delicate eye area. 

Our FIX Starter Kit is another option for targeting lines and bags in your eye area — this set includes our FIX line-smoothing device that gets into those crevices near your eyes, blurring and lifting the skin in as short as 3 minutes. As a result, 97% of participants saw tighter under-eye skin with regular use. This kit also includes the FIX Serum to prepare your skin for the microcurrents and provide the perfect glide. 

Choose What Is Best for You 

Eye bag correction methods are not one-size-fits-all because not all eye bags result from the same cause. Whether you cover up your eye bags with concealer is up to you — but if you’re looking for more effective solutions, NuFACE skincare devices and products can help. And when in doubt, you should consult a board-certified dermatologist who can offer personalized advice for your individual skin needs. 


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