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Tips & Tricks on How To Get a Better Jawline

Do you want tighter jaw muscles and a clearly defined jawline, but without invasive surgery? Well, this is for you.  There actually is a way...

Tips & Tricks on How To Get a Better Jawline

Do you want tighter jaw muscles and a clearly defined jawline, but without invasive surgery? Well, this is for you. 

There actually is a way to get a better jawline, tighter skin, and a brightened new glow without having to get any injections or surgeries. At NuFACE, all of our products are based around bettering your experience (and skin) when using our facial toning devices

Our incredible microcurrent technology is behind all of our facial toning devices. Whenever you pair our devices with our nutrient-enriched skincare sets, you know you are getting the best experience and, more importantly, the best results for the chiseled jawline of your dreams. 

Read on to learn all about our microcurrent technology: what it is, what it does, how it can lead you to a strong jawline, and so much more. Let’s dive in. 

What Is Microcurrent Technology? 

Microcurrent technology has gained popularity within the beauty and skincare community over the last several years. Although microcurrent technology has been used for at least 100 years, it was not until 1980 that it started being used for the face. 

At NuFACE, we like to say that microcurrent is your exercise, and skincare is your nutrition. Pairing both of these aspects can help you amplify your results. Microcurrent therapy entails low-level mimicking of your body's natural ionic flow in order to help reveal results like tone face and neck muscles, a reduced double chin, and more. 

These small but frequent microcurrent waves are virtually unnoticeable. This often means you will likely feel nothing at all during your treatments. It won’t take long before you realize why microcurrent treatments are so popular in the beauty industry — you can enjoy fast results that are long-lasting. 

Microcurrent is a safe and effective technology for those who want to attain, maintain, and maximize their skincare dreams. You’ll be holding the key to a toned face in the palm of your hand — literally. 

Do I Need To Invest in Tools for a Better Jawline?

Let’s clear a few things up — you do not need to sleep in a skin-tight chin mask to get the more defined jawline or defined cheekbones you have always wanted. 

Microcurrent technology is a more relaxing and effective method. Microcurrent technology can help ease tension, reduce puffiness and swelling, and so much more. Microcurrent waveforms are clinically proven to: 

  • Stimulate the recovery of damaged tissue
  • Re-educate the muscles in your face and jaw area
  • Improve muscle tone and contour in the face, lower jaw, and neck area
  • Temporarily improve local circulation 
  • Aid in lymphatic drainage, which can support the appearance of a sharp jawline 
  • Enhance product penetration
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful appearance
  • Firm and tighten skin

All of these results can be achieved using our TRINITY+ and MINI+ Devices, but do not worry, we will get to that later. The first step to getting a better jawline is to take care of your skin. This might seem fairly obvious, but to get the results you’re looking for, you have to up your skincare game. Make sure you have a hydrating and revitalizing skincare routine that not only preserves but also protects your skin. 

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and it is the most exposed. That said, you have to take a few extra steps in making sure that you’re taking care of it. If using sunscreen daily is not a step in your skincare routine, we would highly recommend adding it! Sunscreen will help protect that skin barrier before, during, and after treatments. 

How Can You Get a Better Jawline? 4 Tips & Tricks 

From jawline exercises to maintaining your overall skin wellness, getting a better jawline might actually be more straightforward than you expect. Let’s look at some of the best tips and tricks for a strong jawline.

1. Attain and Maintain the Health of Your Skin 

Without first having healthy and nourished skin, you can’t receive the results you are looking for. Make sure you are moisturizing and protecting your skin daily to ward off damage and consider visiting a dermatologist if you are dealing with skin conditions or concerns. 

2. Try Out Microcurrent Technology 

Microcurrent treatment can help you create the appearance of a more chiseled jawline without having to try Botox or other dermal fillers. Our NuFACE TRINITY+® Starter Kit can help tone, lift, and contour your facial muscles for a more toned and tight appearance around your jawbone.

Performing microcurrent treatment for just five minutes a day, five times a week can help you achieve your desired results. 

3. Try Facial Exercises 

Believe it or not, certain jaw exercises may help you achieve a tighter jaw area. Pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth rather than resting it on the bottom of your mouth, for example, is a simple motion that may lead to a stronger-looking jaw.

4. Massage Your Face 

Massaging your face can help keep the blood flowing while also supporting proper lymphatic drainage. Giving your face and jaw area a gentle massage each day can help move excess fluid away, potentially supporting the appearance of a more defined jaw. 

Which Products Can Help Me Get the Look of a Better Jawline?

Whether it is your first time hearing about microcurrent technology or it is your 5th time reconsidering using it, this is for you. We have a few microcurrent device starter kits that you can choose from to work towards your dream jawline. When it comes to facial sculpting, your best bet is to go for our MINI+ Starter Kit or TRINITY+ Starter Kit

If you are looking for the all-in-one kit that has everything you need in it to get a better and more defined jawline, look no further. The MINI+ Starter Kit includes: 

  • MINI+ Smart Petite Facial Toning Device
  • Aqua Gel Activator 1.69 Oz
  • Silk Crème Activator 0.5 Oz
  • Clean Sweep Applicator Brush
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual & Quick Start Guide

The MINI+ Starter Kit is perfect for those of you who are just starting out on your microcurrent journey! It has everything you need to try out microcurrent treatments and see what they can do. By the end of your treatments, you just might find that you’ve achieved a more defined jawline. 

If you still aren’t 100% sold on microcurrent treatments, but you still want to try it out, the MINI+ Starter Kit or TRINITY+ Starter Kit should pique your interest! Both of these kits are made with the best, most nutrient-enriched products that will help attain and maintain that dream facial of yours. Both of these kits are centered around facial toning and will give you the results you’re looking for. 

The MINI+ Starter Kit contains our MINI+ Device, Hydrating Aqua Gel, Firming & Brightening Silk Creme, and Clean Sweep Applicator Brush. On the other hand, the TRINITY+ Starter Kit includes our TRINITY+ Device, Hydrating Aqua Gel, Firming & Brightening Silk Creme, and Clean Sweep Applicator Brush.

Regardless of whichever products you choose, we know it will end with you looking in the mirror and seeing your dream results. 

The Bottom Line

Microcurrent technology is an FDA-regulated method of achieving tighter, more toned-looking facial and jaw muscles. If you’re striving for a better jawline, microcurrent technology can help you get there.

With continued use of our devices and products, you can see in real-time how they have tightened skin and defined jawlines. With just five minutes a day, five days a week, our microcurrent technology can bring you amazing results. 



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