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How to care for your NuFACE device

Every day, more people are falling in love with their NuFACE devices. It does all the work of a non-surgical facelift, taking care of sagging skin and pesky forehead wrinkles, amongst other things. It’s only fair that we repay that hard work with some love and care.

Before every NuFACE treatment, we always recommend that you wash your face with an oil-free cleanser. With a clean surface to work on, the NuFACE is able to give you the best anti-aging treatment possible. Just as your skin needs to be clean, so does the NuFACE device itself.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean

We all want the best out of our NuFACE device, and one way to help it help us is to properly clean it after each treatment. Simply follow these easy instructions:

  1. Lightly dampen a washcloth with water
  2. Gently wipe the spheres of your device to remove any product
  3. Gently wipe down the case of your device

If it’s been awhile since you last cleaned your device and you've noticed some product hanging around, use rubbing alcohol instead of water to wipe down your device.

If there’s buildup on the spheres, the microcurrent itself may have a tougher time making its way to your facial muscles, getting held up on the surface by an accumulation of product. Gently wiping the spheres clean after each treatment helps ensure that every anti-aging treatment is the best one.

Since the NuFACE is an electrical device, it’s essential that you make sure that product – like gel or makeup – doesn't find its way into the seams, or on any of the electrical connections. A water dampened washcloth can be used to clean the exterior of the device, but water should not be used to clean the contacts or any internal components. If product finds its way onto the gold-plated contact underneath the attachment, slightly dampen a cotton swab (not a cotton ball) with rubbing alcohol, wipe it clean, dry it off, and then let air dry at least an hour before use.

A simple wipe-down keeps your device looking good, so it can keep you looking good!

Caring For Your Device

Reap the Benefits of Your NuFACE

To keep your device going strong, keep it clean with a simple wipe-down. We all want the best treatment possible and keeping our device sparkling and clean helps us profit from all of the benefits our NuFACE device has to offer.

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