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Ask An Aesthetician


Aesthetician's Guide to Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Lines, creases, wrinkles – whatever you call them, we will all deal with wrinkles at one p ...

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Use TRINITY+ Complete like the PROs

Experience 10 skin-loving benefits of NuFACE microcurrent & LED Red Light tailored to ...

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Microcurrent 101: Fact or Faux

Whether you’re a skincare guru who’s tried it all or a skincare novice, you’ve likely hear ...

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8 Methods To Get Defined Cheekbones

Cheekbones are a subtle facial feature that adds framework to the face. Defined cheekbones ...

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How To Get a Defined Jawline: 6 Tips for a Defined Jawline

Our appearance impacts our self-esteem and how we’re perceived — and if you find yourself ...

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NuFACE PROs: History of NuFACE x Medical Professionals

FDA-Cleared NuFACE Microcurrent Devices have been used by professionals since the company ...

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What Is a Brow Lift & How To Lift Brows With Microcurrent

Your brows are a huge component in your overall appearance. Furrow your brows, and you’ll ...

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Cheek Lift: How You Can Make Cheeks Pop With Microcurrent

The look of contoured cheeks and chiseled cheekbones contributes to a youthful look. Promi ...

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Aesthetician Hacks: 5 Tips and Tricks You Need To Try

In the quest for radiant, healthy skin, the guidance of a skilled aesthetician can be inva ...

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FDA-Cleared Skincare Devices: Why It Matters

The skincare industry is full of trendy buzzwords that come and go – from ‘skin glazing’ t ...

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How To Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles Around the Lips

Lines around the lips can be frustrating. Whether you’re noticing faint lines surrounding ...

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Non-Surgical Face Lift: What Is It and How To Do It

With age, skin begins to lose elasticity and sag. There used to be few options for treatin ...

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Crows Feet: Treatments and Remedies To Try

Fine lines around the corners of your eyes are a hallmark sign of aging — but there are wa ...

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Benefits of Combining Both Professional & At Home Microcurrent Treatments

20 years ago, NuFACE was founded on the coast of Southern California by Carol Cole and her ...

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How To Plump and Tighten Under Eye Skin

“Your eyes look tired!” If you’ve heard this before but felt completely energized, you mig ...

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5 Ways To Depuff Your Face

Waking up to a puffy face can happen to anyone — and it can throw a wrench in your early-m ...

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How To Give Yourself an At-Home Face Lift

If your skin isn’t as resilient or youthful as it once was but you’re not ready to see a p ...

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How To Use Gua Sha on Your Face

Are you tired of waking up looking tired? That’s understandable. Sometimes, no matter how ...

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How To Plump Lips at Home

Plump, full lips are having a serious moment in the beauty world. While lip filler injecti ...

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How To Get Rid of Dead Skin on Face

A radiant, glowing complexion is something we all aspire to have. However, the accumulatio ...

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