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What Is My Face Shape: How To Find Out Face Shape

Understanding your face shape is key to learning how to best flatter and accentuate your natural face — and figuring out your face shape might...

What Is My Face Shape: How To Find Out Face Shape

Understanding your face shape is key to learning how to best flatter and accentuate your natural face — and figuring out your face shape might be easier than you think!

Face shapes can be broken down into a few main categories. Let’s explore each face shape in-depth, along with ways to make the most of them as you age. After all, face sculpting is what we do best at NuFACE.

What Are the Main Face Shapes? 

There are several face shapes: oval face shape, oblong face shape, round face shape, diamond face shape, heart face shape, rectangular face shape, and square face shape. Your face shape is determined mainly by genetics.

Oval-shaped faces feature a rounded chin, rounded jawline, and a tall forehead. Oblong face shapes are essentially the same, but with a slightly shorter forehead and a longer bottom half. 

A round face shape is also soft with a rounded appearance and soft chin, much like an oval face. You probably won’t see prominent features like high cheekbones. The width of your face matches well to the length of your face, giving it a round shape. 

Diamond faces are known for their pronounced, sharp cheekbones — think Jennifer Lopez. The diamond face shape entails a slim look, minimal curves, a narrow chin, and a narrow forehead.

Heart-shaped faces have a pointed chin, a broad forehead, and a widow’s peak hairline. Reese Witherspoon is an excellent example of this face shape, as she is known for her small jaw, pointy chin, and prominent cheekbones. Cheekbone width is one of the best ways to determine if this is your face shape. 

Similar to the heart face shape is the triangle face shape. Triangle-shaped faces also have wider foreheads and narrow jaws — the main difference is that triangle-shaped faces lack the signature widow’s peak hairline of a heart-shaped face.

A rectangle face has a long forehead, square jaw, and is longer than it is wide. Courtney Cox and Kim Kardashian both have rectangle faces. 

Finally, a square face has a chiseled jaw with all other features equidistant. The similar widths and sharp angles make the square-shaped face appear nearly symmetrical, except for the tapered jaw. 

Look In the Mirror

The best way to figure out which face shape you have, apart from asking your friends and family to give you a guess, is to take out a tape measure and get in front of a mirror. With your flexible measuring tape, measure the width of your forehead, the width of your cheekbones, the length of your forehead, and the length of the bottom half of your face down to the tip of your chin. While comparing these numbers, you can narrow your face shape into smaller categories. 

From there, assess your jawline. Is it sharp or round? Does it have angles? This last feature should point you in the correct direction of your actual face shape. 

How Can I Achieve a Sculpted Look?

All face shapes can lose their firmness and chiseled look due to age. For example, a receding hairline can offset face symmetry and make the forehead look longer or wider. In addition, cartilage loses its structure and perkiness. 

Collagen loss in the skin also contributes to the look of a looser, sagging face. Conventional facelifts tend to have a high cost — but they aren’t your only option. Here are a few ways you can combat age and facial drooping.

Microcurrent Technology

Microcurrent technology is one of the most innovative on the skincare scene. NuFACE is the leader in microcurrent technology, with esthetician-created, FDA-cleared devices to lift and sculpt facial muscles. Microcurrent devices work by mimicking the body’s natural ionic flow. In doing so, microcurrent technology can help tighten the facial muscles, correct the look of sagging skin, and even make wrinkles and fine lines significantly less noticeable.

Microcurrent devices can help you achieve a more toned and sculpted face with firm, tight skin. 

Facial Muscle Exercises

You can also try a few facial exercises to help tighten and tone those muscles and features. Most facial exercises focus on specific areas of concern, like places on the face where the skin is sagging or wrinkles are more pronounced. Facial exercises can help reduce the appearance of sagging skin over time. 

Don’t mistake these exercises for a replacement for fillers or microcurrents, but simply an addition to add to your already-established routine. They may aid temporarily and are worth checking out — but be aware that they’re just the beginning of shaping your face and will not lead to dramatic results.

How Can NuFACE Help?

At NuFACE, we aim to help every woman look and feel her best. We have created our FDA-cleared devices with this in mind to give you the youthful, toned, and lifted look that you love.

TRINITY+ Start Kit

The TRINITY+ Starter Kit features the NuFACE TRINITY+ Facial Toning Device with 3-Depth Technology to tone, lift, and contour skin. The kit also has Aqua Gel activator, Silk Creme Activator, and Clean Sweep Application Brush, which are all essentials for a mess-free, effective treatment. NuFACE Microcurrent technology works to contour the face with an immediate 91% reshaping of cheeks and a 91% report of increased jowl lifting after 60 days. 

With the NuFACE Smart App, you can track your progress using the Selfie Tracker to witness your results in real-time!

MINI+ Starter Kit

The MINI+ Starter Kit features the travel-friendly MINI+ Device, equipped with 3-Depth Technology to lift, tone, and contour. The Aqua Gel Activator, Silk Creme Activator, and Clean Sweep Application Brush are included for an effective and mess-free lifting treatment. 

Keep it Sculpted 

The best way to maintain any reshaping from your NuFACE products is by being consistent with microcurrent treatments and taking care of your skin daily. Always apply SPF before leaving in the morning and reapply if you’re out for long periods under the sun. Dermatologists recommend SPF 30 or higher to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun.


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