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Tera Peterson Shares Her Spring Break Skincare Routine

NuFACE Co-Founder & CEO Tera Peterson is breaking down her skincare essentials for a streamlined travel routine to take on your glow on-the-go, wherever this spring break takes you! With...

NuFACE Co-Founder & CEO Tera Peterson is breaking down her skincare essentials for a streamlined travel routine to take on your glow on-the-go, wherever this spring break takes you! With over a decade of experience as a professional aesthetician and co-founding the #1 Facial Device Brand in the US*, Tera knows a thing or two about selecting skincare to maximize your results. Here are her must-have skincare products to get glowy, glass skin on your next getaway. 


Dual-Sided Prep-N-Glow® Wipes

One major cornerstone of an effective skincare routine is proper makeup removal and cleansing. To remove makeup and slough away dead skin cells with a simple swipe, Tera swears by NuFACE dual-sided Prep-N-Glow® Wipes. 
"I always keep Prep-N-Glow® Wipes in my travel bag. They're individually-wrapped, making them super convenient for mess-free cleansing, and the exfoliating microdot side gently polishes skin, leaving it ultra soft."  
To use, wipe away makeup and cleanse skin with the smooth side, then use the microdot exfoliating texture on the other side to slough away dead skin cells for an even, luminous complexion. Bonus points for not having to pack a leaky cleanser on the plane – just pop them in your bag for easy, on-the-go cleansing. 


Supercharged Ionplex® Mist

Speaking of multitasking skincare products, Supercharged IonPlex Mist tops Tera’s list of must-haves. 

"I rely on multitasking products to streamline my routine when traveling. I use Supercharged IonPlex Mist as my toner after cleansing and a refreshing facial spray to quench thirsty skin throughout the day. It's formulated with ceramides to rebuild the skin barrier, which is much needed after too much time in the sun." 

Created with hydrating and soothing properties, this ultra-fine mist can be sprayed on as a toner, during your NuFACE® microcurrent treatment to enhance your results, and throughout the day – even over makeup. IonPlex – a proprietary blend of glacial water and ions – enhances microcurrent conduction, while niacinamide helps to soothe irritation, making this a must-have for sensitive skin.  

PRO TIP: For an instant skin refresh, store your IonPlex Mist in the fridge to chill before spritzing on skin. 


Super Antioxidant Booster

It’s important to treat your unique skin needs with high-quality active ingredients. One great way to integrate actives into your daily skincare ritual is by using a facial serum morning or night. Consider your individual skin concerns when choosing a serum, like treating signs of aging, discoloration, enhancing radiance, to name a few.  

For her travel routine, Tera depends on Super Antioxidant Booster serum to shield skin from free radical damage. 

"Super Antioxidant Booster Serum is my go-to for travel. It's packed with green tea extract to protect from 98% of oxidative stress - a must-have when traveling through harsh climates." 

Formulated with IonPlex®, Super Booster serums enhance your microcurrent treatment results and can also be used as a stand-alone serum, day or night. While Super Antioxidant is Tera’s fav for travel, you might also like Super Peptide Booster to help smooth fine lines and enhance radiance or Super Vita-C Serum for a daily brightening boost. Packed with vitamin c, this serum helps to reduce the appearance of discoloration while preventing new sun damage from occurring.  


Silk Créme Activator

Moisturizing is an essential component of a daily skincare routine. Applying moisturizer on clean skin helps to seal in hydration for soft, supple skin. Tera opts to use a Microcurrent Activator as a moisturizer while traveling. 

"I swear by Silk Crème when going on a flight. Of course, it's an activator, but it can also serve as your daily moisturizer and a hydrating leave-on mask. Recycled cabin air can dehydrate skin, and this plumps skin and locks in moisture for 48 hours."  

Silk Crème Activator can conduct microcurrent from your device to skin and facial muscles for effective microcurrent treatment, but can also hydrate skin as a facial moisturizer and mask that’s safe for sensitive skin. Created with hyaluronic acid, this clean formula holds up to 1000x it’s weight in water for plumped-up, seriously hydrated skin all day long.  

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to apply moisturizer to your neck and chest, as these areas have thin, delicate skin prone to signs of aging. 


Smart Petite Microcurrent Device

To lift and contour on-the-go (even midair) Tera recommends the NuFACE MINI+® Device. This sleek facial toning device sends microcurrent to the skin and facial muscles to smooth lines, lift and sculpt the face.  
"We made the MINI+ with travel in mind. I love that it's super sleek and TSA-approved, so it's perfect to toss in your carry-on for quick, on-the-go treatments. 5 minutes is all you need to sculpt, contour, and define." 
Use the MINI+ in the morning after applying Silk Crème or Aqua Gel Microcurrent Activator to clean, dry skin to start the day with a lifted, sculpted look. Or tone at night to help ease fluid retention caused my air travel, alcohol and salt consumption – so you don’t have to give up your favorite vacation margarita to wake up looking snatched.  

The MINI+ is designed with a water-resistant shell in three colorful hues to suit your style. We love using the 5-Minute Facial-Lift® or Ultra Sculpted Facial to sculpt and define the face, fast. Download the NuFACE Smart App to follow along with step-by-step guided tutorials.  


FIX® Line Smoothing Serum

If you’re hoping to achieve the clean-girl aesthetic, no-makeup makeup look, Tera recommends tapping on FIX® Line Smoothing Serum.  
"I love a glowy, no-makeup look on vacation. I use FIX® Line Smoothing Serum under my eyes to instantly brighten up dark circles and blur lines without concealer. You can even tap on over makeup for a quick refresh." 

In clinical studies for FIX® Serum, 97% of users saw an instant reduction in fine lines around the eyes*, and 92% saw instantly plumper lips & smoother mouth area*. This is thanks to its aesthetician-created formula, featuring hyaluronic acid and triple-peptide complex to plump skin and smooth lines along with light-reflecting pigments to instantly brighten skin. Use at night as an eye serum and during the morning to brighten and prep skin.  



Perhaps the most important part of any travel skincare routine is sun protection. Skincare experts recommend using SPF every day to protect skin from harmful UV rays, regardless of the forecast, but it’s especially vital when you’re going to be outside in the sun on vacation.  
Tera loves the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen for daily use or Glow Screen for a sheer wash of color on days when she’s not wearing makeup. Both provide ample sun protection while giving skin a healthy, subtle glow.  
It’s crucial to apply sunscreen on any skin that's exposed to sun. Don’t forget to slather on your chest, shoulders, and even dab on your hairline or part to prevent sunburn on your scalp.  Be sure to keep your sunscreen on hand to apply throughout the day – ideally, every 2-3 hours or after swimming. Opt for sunscreen sticks or brush-on powders to make touchups a breeze – even over makeup! 


Healthy Skin Essentials

Healthy Skin Essentials 

Whether you’re at home or across the globe, there are simple ways to get glowing, radiant skin. Tera’s three healthy skin essentials? Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, wearing a hat to add an extra layer of sun protection, and staying consistent with the NuFACE Smart App. The free NuFACE Smart App helps you to stay on track with NuFACE Treatments – even while traveling – with app-exclusive features like custom reminders and a Selfie Tracker tool.  Download today to start lifting before your next lift-off!  


*NPD. (2022). U.S. Full Year Sales.



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