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Non-Surgical Face Lift: What Is It and How To Do It

With age, skin begins to lose elasticity and sag. There used to be few options for treating mature skin, but the beauty and skincare industry has exploded with solutions to...

With age, skin begins to lose elasticity and sag. There used to be few options for treating mature skin, but the beauty and skincare industry has exploded with solutions to sagging skin in recent decades - including new and improved methods for facial lifting. 

Now, you can achieve similar results to a surgical facelift without the intense downtime and at a fraction of the cost. Understanding your options is critical to learning how to get the most benefits from non-surgical treatments. 

What Is A Non-Surgical Face Lift

A non-surgical facelift is a procedure that may lift, contour, and visibly sculpt your skin without cosmetic surgery. There are numerous ways to get a non-surgical facelift, some of which are more invasive than others.

Injectables: The “Liquid Facelift”

Facial injections are one way to get a temporary, non-surgical facelift. Injections generally serve two purposes: temporarily plump skin or freeze facial muscles. You’re probably familiar with injectable medications like BOTOX® or facial fillers that help enhance the lips and cheeks. A board-certified dermatologist or nurse practitioner can administer these injections around the face to plump certain areas (like cheeks or lips) while freezing other sites - like a wrinkled forehead, and give an overall more youthful appearance.


Dermal fillers are usually made of hyaluronic acid injected into deep wrinkles and facial lines. They may also lift the cheek area and lessen the creases around the nasolabial folds. These methods increase facial volume, but the treatments are not permanent. The effects are generally temporary, often lasting for 3-6 months.


Facial freezers temporarily paralyze facial muscles, reducing their pull when you make certain expressions. These temporary injections may lessen the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, and laugh lines for 3-4 months before wearing off. 

These options to treat fine lines and deep wrinkles have little downtime and are considered minimally invasive procedures, but they do come with the risk of side effects. Most notably, bruising, swelling, headache, and facial distortion if they are incorrectly performed. 

Chemical Peels

Having a chemical peel is another method of getting a non-surgical facelift. Chemical peels are non-surgical skin procedures that use chemicals to remove the top layers of your skin to reveal a more youthful appearance.

Depending on the kind of chemical peel you have, you may experience significant downtime. Some peels are considered invasive treatments. Phenol, for example, reaches the lowest dermal layers of your skin and requires at least two weeks of recovery. 

Peels are intended to improve the appearance of uneven skin texture and tone and help minimize the look of facial lines and wrinkles. Still, they may also carry risks like scarring, acne, and extreme irritation. Additionally, your skin may become extra sensitive to the sun, and you will be advised to stay out of sunlight for several weeks after your chemical peel - so plan accordingly!

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a popular procedure wherein a plastic surgeon or other credentialed professional uses highly concentrated beams of light to remove damaged areas of skin. The type of laser used determines how invasive the resurfacing will be. Patients often report varying degrees of pain during and after laser resurfacing, so you may need local anesthesia and medication to help deal with post-procedural pain. 

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Another non-invasive facelift procedure involves the use of radio frequency on the skin. A dermatologist or aesthetician uses low-level electromagnetic waves to tighten loose skin and stimulate it to function more efficiently. The result is less sagging skin and a more tightened appearance.


Microcurrent technology is one of the most well-respected and non-invasive ways to help address skin laxity (like jowls along the jawline) and blur the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a non-surgical facial lift.

Microcurrent uses low-level microcurrents to stimulate skin and underlying facial muscles to tackle the source of sagging skin and loss of facial contour. Microcurrent targets the skin to help promote fullness and resilience and help visibly lift it without plastic surgery. 

You can get a microcurrent treatment at a medspa, where providers can access higher-level microcurrent devices (like the NuFACE PRO) or use an at-home microcurrent device to lift and tone the face without surgery or downtime. 

NuFACE Non-Surgical Facelifts

NuFACE creates clinically proven and FDA-Cleared microcurrent devices to help you achieve facial lifting from home or a professional’s office without surgery, pain, or downtime. For professional NuFACE microcurrent therapy, look for a trusted NuFACE PRO provider. You can also maintain your results between your professional treatments by using at-home NuFACE Microcurrent Devices

Getting Started With NuFACE

Beginning facial lifting treatments at home is easy with the NuFACE TRINITY+® Starter Kit - Smart Advanced Facial Toning Kit

Inside, you’ll get:

  • NuFACE TRINITY+ Facial Toning Device featuring 3-depth technology tightens skin, creates facial contour, and blurs fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Aqua Gel Activator
  • Silk Crème Activator 
  • Clean Sweep Brush

Once you’ve got the goods, you can tone, lift, and contour your skin - without ever stepping into a plastic surgeon’s office!

How To Give Yourself an At-Home Microcurrent Face Lift

Here’s how to give yourself an at-home face facelift with NuFACE:

PREP: Prepare your skin for treatment with an oil-free cleanser or Prep-N-Glow® Exfoliating & Hydrating Facial Wipes to remove makeup, oil, and impurities in one swipe. Lightly mist Supercharged IonPlex® Mist onto your skin to hydrate and prep your skin for microcurrent treatment. 

BOOST: Apply a few drops of Super Antioxidant Booster serum of your choice onto your fingertips and gently massage it into clean, dry skin until fully absorbed. 

ACTIVATE & LIFT: Apply a mask-like layer of Microcurrent Activator using your Clean Sweep Brush in sections as you lift. Perform glides and holds with your NuFACE device, always moving upward and outward to lift and tone the face.

If you want a more portable device to bring with you on-the-go, the NuFACE MINI+ Starter Kit - Smart Petite Facial Toning Kit is the perfect solution. This sleek device packs mega sculpting power in a mini silhouette to keep up your routine while traveling.

The Lifted Look You Want, Zero Downtime Required

Anti-aging treatments have come a long way in recent years. You don’t have to choose between sagging skin or going under the knife. You can choose several treatment options to help you achieve a non-surgical face lift and boost your confidence. NuFACE Microcurrent Devices can help you lift, tone, and contour sagging skin for a rejuvenated appearance you’ll love - all without downtime, pain, or costly doctor appointments.

*BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.


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