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5 Maqui Berry Benefits for Skin

New skincare ingredients seem to come and go quickly, but the ones that last have been used for millennia in native cultures. One such ingredient is the maqui berry, an...

New skincare ingredients seem to come and go quickly, but the ones that last have been used for millennia in native cultures. One such ingredient is the maqui berry, an antioxidant-loaded powerhouse with a range of benefits for the body and the skin.

Never heard of it? No worries. Get ready to dive into the benefits of this little-known berry and explore what it can do to help support your skin. 

What Is Maqui Berry?

Maqui berries, also known as Aristotelia chilensis, have gained significant attention in the realm of health and wellness due to their remarkable skin benefits. These deep purple berries are native to the Patagonia region of South America and are renowned for their potent antioxidant properties.

Packed with essential nutrients such as vitamins C and E, anthocyanins, and polyphenols, maqui berries offer a natural and effective solution for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Whether consumed as part of a balanced diet or applied topically in skincare products, maqui berries have the potential to nourish and revitalize the skin, making them a compelling addition to any beauty regimen.

What Are Some Benefits of Maqui Berry for Skin?

Maqui berries have many health benefits and can also enhance the health and appearance of the skin.

1. Antioxidant Support

As your body’s first line of defense, your skin is in constant contact with external stressors like UV rays, pollution, and blue light. These stressors cause the release of free radicals in the body. Free radicals damage skin cells, which is called oxidative stress. 

We need antioxidants and phenolic compounds to support skin cell health during exposure to free radicals. The most common antioxidants are found in fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain anthocyanins and flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that support your skin health. Maqui berries are an excellent source of those essential antioxidants to protect the skin from oxidative stress.

2. Skin-Soothing Benefits

Skin can become red, irritated, and rough for various reasons. Uneven skin texture and tone can be frustrating, especially if you have sensitive skin that is highly reactive and easily becomes red or inflamed.

Maqui berry extract contains delphinidin, a compound that helps soothe irritation and calms the skin's stress response, combatting redness and inflammation. Using it daily can help support skin tone and calm problematic areas - especially if you have sensitive skin.

3. Vitamin C Content

Maqui berry is high in vitamin c, and studies have revealed that vitamin C can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and support even skin texture and tone. Vitamin C also has natural antioxidants. So if you’re looking for a one-two punch of antiaging & antioxidant power, maqui berry is a great ingredient to use!

4. Polyphenols 

Polyphenols are plant-based compounds that help promote healthy skin. They help naturally support the skin’s response to UV rays, making them a helpful ingredient in any skincare product. 

Polyphenols shouldn't be confused with sunscreen or used in place of sunscreen. They offer protection and support against ultraviolet rays, but you’ll still need to load up on sunscreen to ensure your skin is protected against sun damage!

In addition to giving you a boost of protection from the sun, polyphenols help with moisture retention to keep skin hydrated and supple and increase collagen production to help you get a youthful glow.

5. Skin Cell Regeneration

Maqui berries contain anthocyanins, which are potent antioxidants that aid in skin cell regeneration. This means that they can help repair damaged skin cells, support the growth of new cells, and contribute to overall skin rejuvenation. This helps skin look radiant and fresh, rather than dull and lackluster.

How To Use Maqui Berry for Skin

A unique fact about maqui berry is that it helps support the skin internally and topically — that means you can add maqui berry powder to your favorite smoothies and shakes for skin support that works from the inside out

You can also use maqui berry topically for more targeted and direct benefits. High-quality skincare products containing this vital ingredient can make adding maqui berry to your skincare routine easy — and that’s where NuFACE® comes in. 

Cleanse With Maqui

NuFACE Prep-N-Glow® Exfoliating & Hydrating Facial Wipes contain maqui berry and grapeseed to help support your skin and protect it with antioxidants. Together, these ingredients encourage radiance, brighten the skin, and reveal a more even, healthy skin tone and texture. 

One side of Prep-N-Glow Wipes is formulated with mild yet effective cleansers to help remove surface dirt, oil, and makeup, and the other side is constructed with micro dots to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving it polished and glowy. 

If you’re looking for products complimenting your maqui berry cleansing wipes, NuFACE has them. 

Serums You’ll Love

NuFACE Super Vita-C Booster Serum is the perfect match for Prep-N-Glow wipes. After cleansing and exfoliating, use Super Vita-C Booster Serum to load up on essential vitamin C. You’ll enhance the effects of your maqui berry and help reduce the appearance of dark spots that can hijack your skin tone. 

This serum is also the perfect way to prep your skin for microcurrent treatment, a non-invasive way to support your skin that works alongside maqui berry to reveal your skin’s radiance and health. 

Microcurrent Therapy

Get ready to find beauty in the current. NuFACE Microcurrent Devices help stimulate your skin and facial muscles to enhance your skin’s appearance without invasive procedures. 

Microcurrent mimics your body’s natural current. It helps to tone, lift, and contour skin for a radiant, youthful appearance.

How To Incorporate Maqui and Microcurrent Into Your Routine

Adding maqui to your skincare routine is easy with Prep-N-Glow wipes, and adding microcurrent treatment is fast and effortless with NuFACE. Here’s what you’ll do after cleansing with Prep-N-Glow wipes and nourishing your skin with serum.

Activate and Lift

Using your favorite Microcurrent Activator, apply a mask-like layer to the areas you want to treat. Use your microcurrent device to perform glides and holds - follow along in the NuFACE Smart App for guided, step-by-step tutorials. You can achieve a full-facial lift in just 5 minutes a day!

Finishing Up

After nourishing skin with Maqui and sculpting with microcurrent, you can finish up with any additional skincare you desire - like eye cream or your favorite SPF - before applying makeup.

Maqui Your Way to Healthy Skin

Maqui berry has been used for centuries in South America for various health benefits, and now, you can harness the power of this fantastic little berry for your skin. NuFACE Skincare Products are packed with antioxidants, plant botanicals (including maqui berry), hyaluronic acid (for hydration), and IonPlex®, a blend of supercharged ions and glacial water to support proper microcurrent conduction. 



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