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How To Use a Jade Roller & Benefits of Using One

Although jade rollers might seem to be nothing more than the latest “miracle skincare” fad to break the internet, they are a part of an ancient Chinese beauty practice that...

Although jade rollers might seem to be nothing more than the latest “miracle skincare” fad to break the internet, they are a part of an ancient Chinese beauty practice that can do wonders for your skin. Jade roller massages are a soothing, easy-to-perform treatment that can deliver spa-like pampering from the comfort of your home. 

Combined with expert skincare products like NuFACE®, jade rollers can take your skincare regimen up a notch. Here is a full breakdown of how to use a jade roller, some pro tips to optimize its performance, and the benefits of adding a jade roller to your beauty routine. 

How Do You Use a Jade Roller Properly? 

Using your jade roller correctly is key to getting optimal results. Here’s how to use a jade roller on your skin:

  1. First and foremost, ensure you always start with a clean, fresh face, followed by your favorite serum — Super Vita-C Booster Serum is an excellent option for brightening and correcting, or Super Peptide Booster Serum can help firm the look of your skin and add radiance.

  2. Using the larger side of the roller, sweep the clavicle and neck area in an upward motion. Perform several sweeping motions on the neck area upwards and outwards from the center.

  3. Next, move to the jawline, switching to a back-and-forth roll. Start at the center of the chin and roller toward the ear. Repeat this motion up to the cheekbone. 

  4. Moving to the forehead, continue rolling vertically, starting from the center of the face and moving outward along your hairline. Repeat this motion for several rolls. 

  5. Now, use the smaller side of the roller for the under eyes. Then, very gently, roll horizontally toward the temple, away from the inner corner of your eye. 

  6. Finally, use the smaller roller to move up and down the nose. 

For optimal results, do this routine twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

Placing your jade roller in the fridge or freezer before use can increase its effectiveness! No matter how you perform your jade roller massage, take your time and be very gentle to avoid irritation. After every use, clean each roller with soap and warm water to prevent dirt, oil, and bacteria buildup, which can prompt breakouts or exacerbate certain skin conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Jade Rollers?

In traditional Chinese medicine, jade is known to draw out “negative energy” and balance what is known as “chi” — “life force” or “energy.” Even when applied to the skin’s warm surface, Jade remains cool to the touch. 

When used to massage the face and neck, the naturally cooling gemstone helps reduce puffiness, promote blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and the overall brightening of your complexion. In addition, a dual-ended jade roller allows you to cover the intricate surface of your skin more efficiently by helping you target each area with the proper massage technique. 

Here are the most commonly cited benefits of massaging with a jade facial roller:


When fluid builds up, the face enflames, causing a puffy appearance, particularly in the under-eye area. Lying down for long periods can increase this buildup, leading to the look of puffiness in the morning. However, massaging with face rollers can increase blood flow and provide a de-puffing effect, leaving behind firm skin with a healthy glow.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is your immune system’s removal process of excess fluid from your lymph nodes, which is the liquid that carries white blood cells and essential nutrients. Unfortunately, lymphatic fluid also contains toxins, viruses, and bacteria that your body attempts to purge. 

Jade roller massages can encourage lymphatic system drainage from your face and neck. Think of it as a skin detox. Your body is supposed to expel these fluids naturally, but the added help from manual lymphatic drainage can go a long way to improve your skin health while also helping you practice self-care.

Supports Blood Circulation

Most dermatologists agree that facial rolling or massage can help promote blood circulation. Healthy blood circulation transports oxygen to skin cells, which can aid in decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve your overall complexion. This also can help product absorption get deeper into the skin tissue.

Aids Product Absorption

Following up your favorite serum or facial oil application with a jade roller massage or similar skincare tool massage can help further product absorption, giving you optimal results for skin treatments. This could potentially help you prolong the longevity of your product as you won’t have to use it as much for the desired effect on your skin.

What Do Jade Rollers Not Do?

While jade roller massages are proven to offer a myriad of healthy skin benefits, the ancient beauty tool does, of course, have its limits. Some people credit jade rollers with medical promises like collagen production support, but these claims are mainly unfounded by any hard scientific evidence. Furthermore, no amount of facial massages can perform certain medical benefits.

Promote Collagen Production

Some jade roller enthusiasts claim that jade rolling can stimulate collagen production. While this claim would further popularize the ancient beauty practice if proven true, no scientific data has been able to substantiate this. Collagen is a naturally produced substance in our bodies; unfortunately, jade rolling alone will not stimulate collagen production in the skin.

Cure Acne

Millions of people worldwide suffer from acne and, inadvertently, fall victim to thousands of claims of cures. While jade rollers are noted to help reduce the appearance of redness, they won’t heal acne. In addition, if you suffer from intense forms of acne, some dermatologists may direct you against jade rolling, as you could potentially worsen irritation or spread bacteria around your face. 


Many beauty communities have all but retired the term “anti-aging” because of the fallacious phrasing that leads many people astray. Jade rolling cannot impede the natural aging of your skin. Boosting blood circulation may give a more youthful appearance, but these effects are typically temporary and superficial.

What Are Some Alternatives to Jade Rollers?

If jade rollers are already a tried-and-true tool in your beauty routine, consider opting for a more robust alternative. Microcurrent is like a jade roller on steroids — it works as a low-level current that imitates your body’s natural ionic flow. 

This latest innovation in beauty treatments has been clinically tested. Microcurrent works quietly, meaning you likely won’t feel anything. If you decide to switch, we suggest you start with the NuFACE® Mini and MINI+ as an entry-level transition from jade rolling into microcurrent treatment. Then, you can graduate to the NuFACE Trinity® for more advanced microcurrent treatment with targeted, interchangeable attachments.


Jade rollers are much more than the latest buzzing social media trend. The proper use of the ancient beauty practice of jade roller massages can help you enhance your skincare routine.

While jade rollers most likely will not cure your acne or boost your skin’s collagen, adding the tool to your existing beauty regimen can increase the effectiveness of your favorite skincare products and help you achieve an overall healthier glow to your skin’s complexion. 

If you want to take it a step further, consider trying a microcurrent treatment for the ultimate spa-grade pampering right at home. Whichever direction you take, research what will work best for your skin type or condition before jumping headfirst into treatment. 


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