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How To Glow Up: The Ultimate Glow Up Guide

We all need a glow up from time to time. This trending hashtag isn’t just a social media trend - a glow up is just a new term for self-growth...

We all need a glow up from time to time. This trending hashtag isn’t just a social media trend - a glow up is just a new term for self-growth that elevates and improves every facet of your life, from your hair and skin to your fitness, mental health, and relationships. 

If you’re feeling ‘blah’, getting a glow up can help you jumpstart new routines to shape your daily life. Glowing up doesn’t have to mean expensive beauty regimens, a wardrobe overhaul, or a strict training schedule. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to get a glow up and feel your best from the inside out. 

What Is a Glow-Up?

“Glowing up” is a recent but valid term for anything you might do to transform and improve your life. Think about it like upgrading — and it’s not just about appearance. A true glow-up includes appearance, but it’s also about improving your habits, taking responsibility and accountability for your life, prioritizing your well-being, and improving your self-esteem.

How To Get Started With a Glow-Up

As with any lifestyle change, it’s essential to start with reasonable, achievable goals when it comes to your glow-up. While it would be amazing to spend a couple of hours planning and then immediately be able to improve your life in all ways, the key is setting goals you know you can meet. 

While you may love watching long videos of people practicing their 20-step skincare routines, if you don’t currently have a skincare regimen, it can be tricky to go from zero to one hundred without giving yourself time to build the habit. Consider starting small and then expanding on those daily habits as you go.

1. Level Up Your Skincare Routine

Adding extra love to your skincare regimen is one of the best and most rewarding ways to glow up. If you don’t already, make sure you put a basic skincare regimen that includes cleansing skin, moisturizing, and SPF. This bare minimum skincare routine will lay the groundwork for more targeted treatments later on. 

If you already have a basic daily routine, consider leveling up your skincare routine. A great way to elevate your skincare habits is by using high-tech tools and expert formulas to improve your skin in a fraction of the time. 

Whether you’re looking to minimize visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles or you’re after a more defined jawline or cheekbones, consider the use of a microcurrent device. This tool requires no downtime and is easy to use in just minutes a day to provide a luxurious self-care ritual as part of your daily routine.

Getting started with microcurrent is easy. Start by cleansing your face with Prep-N-Glow® Facial Wipes. These dual-sided wipes offer cleansing and exfoliating in one individually wrapped wipe to streamline your routine. Next, hydrate skin and prep for treatment with Supercharged IonPlex® Facial Mist

Then, you can address your unique skin needs - like firming, brightening, reducing lines, and protecting from free radical damage. Use a Super Booster serum to suit your skin needs and enhance your microcurrent treatment. Just massage 3-5 drops of Booster serum into skin until fully absorbed before moving onto the next step in your routine.

Before using your NuFACE Microcurrent Device, apply a mask-like layer of Microcurrent Activator to hydrate skin, lock in moisture, and conduct microcurrent from your device to skin and facial muscles. Gently perform glides and holds with your NuFACE Device to assist in creating a more lifted, sculpted and toned appearance for the face and neck all while aiming to enhance skin smoothness. 

For even more step-by-step tutorials, download the NuFACE Smart App to get exclusive access to step-by-step tutorials. We recommend starting with the 5-Minute Facial-Lift Treatment® for a quick treatment that yields instant sculpting results. Remember to set custom treatment reminders and use the Selfie Tracker to stay motivated and build your routine!

2. Find an Exercise Routine That Works for You

Exercise is vital to mental and physical health, so it’s important to find a form of exercise that you enjoy. Getting into the habit of working out is much easier when you have fun doing it, so try out a variety of routines and find one that works for you. 

If you like to work out with friends and get in a good sweat, consider a group spin class or workout group. On the other hand, if you want to tune out the world and get some alone time while you exercise, a solo hike or yoga flow might be your best bet. 

You might also want to think of how your workout will fit into your daily life. If you have small children, it might not be realistic to get to the gym at 5 a.m. before dropping them off for school. Consider walking instead of driving your kiddos to school to get in some steps while spending quality time together. Likewise, a super-sweaty a.m. workout might not be a good fit if you need to be at the office bright and early. Try out shorter workout classes like a Pilates fusion class, which can target muscle tone without a ton of sweat-inducing cardio — allowing you to get to work on time! 

No matter what kind of exercise you decide, aim to move your body for 30 minutes a day. Something as simple as a walk after lunch and a little stretch session before bedtime can go a long way to improve your mood, enhance sleep quality, help you maintain a healthy weight, and get glowing skin.

3. Figure Out What Flatters You

When you see people who look put together at all times, it’s likely because they’ve cracked the code of what flatters their features, coloring, and figure. We are all unique, so an outfit that looks amazing on a friend might not be a good fit for you, and vice versa.

Devote a little time to doing your own research, trying on as many things as possible, or even hiring a professional for a little insight to give your wardrobe a revamp. That way, you know that you'll grab something that looks great every time you reach into your closet. Consider your body type, coloring, and favorite assets you’d like to flaunt. 

If you want to go the extra mile, seeing a tailor to professionally fit your favorite pieces can elevate your look. It’s also a great alternative to revamping your wardrobe if you want to save money. Even your plain pair of jeans can get a new lease on life when they fit you like a glove.

4. Learn To View Self-Care as an Investment

Self-care can often seem and feel like a luxury, but it’s an important part of maintaining your mental health. While you may not feel like getting your brows waxed or your nails done is the most pressing thing on your to-do list, spending a little time on the small things now can help you feel more confident and give you breathing room in your schedule. That’s a worthy investment to make.

Meditation or other mindfulness activities are great ways to embrace self-care in your daily routine. Even devoting a few minutes of your day to focusing on checking in with yourself and your breathing can help you de-stress and reconnect with your body — both of which are crucial to a comprehensive glow-up.

5. Get Organized

A glow-up isn’t just about your appearance. It’s also about your overall well being and the confidence that emanates from you when you know you have it all under control. Getting organized is key to taking control of your life and balancing all your responsibilities. 

Start small when it comes to organizing your daily tasks. If you don’t already keep a to-do list, start writing down your daily goals and to-do list. Before going to bed, review what you did that day for a sense of accomplishment, and look at your schedule and to-do list for the next day. This will help you to go to sleep with a sense of purpose, knowing what lies ahead for the next day, and feel ultra-prepared.

Similarly, spending time untangling areas of your life you might have neglected can help you feel more in charge and improve your self-esteem. For example, if your house is in disarray, set a few smaller goals to get it in line. Start with a manageable project, like clearing a hall closet or taking clothing donations to drop off. These smaller projects will help you snowball into larger clutter-clearing and organization tasks while building confidence.

A Glowing Conclusion

Small changes to your daily routine can help you feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and energetic. While it may seem overwhelming to try and level up every area of your life, by starting with building small, manageable habits, you’ll be able to achieve a major glow up in no time.




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