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How To Get Rid of Textured Skin

Textured skin can come in many forms: dry, flaky skin, wrinkles, and even pimples and enlarged pores. While these issues can be bothersome, most are...

How To Get Rid of Textured Skin

Textured skin can come in many forms: dry, flaky skin, wrinkles, and even pimples and enlarged pores. While these issues can be bothersome, most are not harmful and can be treated in simple steps. Keep reading to learn about the causes of uneven skin texture and how to achieve softer, smoother skin!

What Causes Uneven Skin Texture?

If you’ve noticed some unwanted bumps on sections of your face, they can likely be blamed on a few different factors. However, you can’t fix the problem without first understanding exactly what is causing your unwanted texture — let’s take a closer look at some common causes of texture issues. 


The aging process is the culprit of many skin issues. As you age, your skin loses collagen and elastin, which results in fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, your skin becomes drier with age, resulting in rougher, more uneven skin.

Skin Conditions

Many skin conditions result in rough, textured skin. For example, psoriasis is a common, non-contagious skin condition that results in raised areas of rough, uneven, scaly skin. This can be upsetting but can often be treated with topical treatments. Eczema is a similar skin condition that results in dry, flaky, scaly skin rashes.

Poor Habits

Braving the sun’s rays without sunscreen can lead to age spots, redness, and fine lines. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can harm your skin cells, causing uneven skin texture and dryness. In addition, smoking, drinking alcohol, and not drinking enough water can dry out the skin, causing uneven skin texture. 

How Can I Combat Textured Skin?

There are many ways to combat uneven skin texture - from at-home treatments to dietary changes and even professional solutions. 


One of the first steps you can take towards correcting your skin texture is incorporating antioxidant-rich products into your skincare cabinet. Look for serums, creams, and toners with vitamins A, C, or E. Retinoids are a great way to add vitamin A derivatives into your routine. They double as exfoliants which can also contribute to smoother skin. 

Vitamin C

If you’ve already skipped the SPF 30 for a few too many years, don’t worry. There is always time to prevent future damage! 

Vitamin C can help protect against UV rays attacks on the skin, support your skin cell health against damaging free radicals, and help brighten the look of dark patches. It can also help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, which in turn benefits skin texture. 

Proper Exfoliation

One of the best ways to get rid of rough patches on your face is to rid your complexion of dead skin cells. Our skin has a lifespan and eventually dies, flakes, and then falls out. However, if the process (called desquamation) is disrupted or slowed by factors like age, those flakes, and dry sections can last longer than needed. This keeps healthy, smooth skin covered — and contributes to the look and feel of rough skin.

Exfoliation can easily be incorporated into your skincare routine. It can be as simple as a gentle face scrub washed off with a cloth or as intensive as a chemical peel.

Keep in mind that abrasive or potent methods, like harsh scrubs or deep chemical peels, have the potential to irritate sensitive skin. Try to keep the process gradual as you train your skin to get used to the exfoliation process, and make sure to consult your dermatologist if you experience adverse reactions along the way. 

Support Your Collagen 

The slow collagen production that comes with age severely impacts your skin’s texture, but there are many ways to ignite collagen production and rebuild your youth's power. Laser resurfacing, for example, can improve skin texture. However, professional laser treatments can only be done in-office. If you’re looking for an easy, at-home method for a clear complexion, NuFACE can help.

Mini+ Device: Microcurrent Therapy With NuFACE 

NuFACE skincare devices work hard to support your natural collagen, thus helping you firm, healthy skin. Using microcurrent technology, the MINI+ device reenergizes the facial muscles and increases collagen production to create a smoother skin texture.

The Mini+ Starter Kit is the perfect option if you’re looking to start your microcurrent journey. This kit includes the MINI+ Smart Petite Facial Toning Device, Aqua Gel Activator, Silk Crème Activator, and a Clean Sweep Applicator Brush to make your skincare routine a breeze. The Mini+ Device is compact yet powerful. It utilizes 3-Depth Technology to target various layers from the skin’s surface deep down to the facial muscles for instant and long-term results!

Super Peptide Booster Serum is formulated with carnosine and edelweiss flowers, peony root, and triple peptide complex for a smoother texture, and IonPlex® blend to enhance microcurrent results.

If you’re looking for an easy way to stay on track with your skincare journey, we recommend using the NuFACE Smart App. Using the App, you can find tutorials on the best use of the device, which areas of your face to target, and what microcurrent technology can do for you. In addition, our “Selfie Tracker” section prompts you to photograph yourself before, during, and after the treatments, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth! The app will also send notifications to tell you when it is time to use the device, so you never miss a session.


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