Device Advice: Is Trinity® or Mini Right for Me?

Wondering whether to reach for the NuFACE Trinity® or Mini to target your unique skin concerns? We’ve made it easy for you.


Just getting started with microcurrent and not sure which NuFACE® Device is your right match? We got you.

First, let us just say how excited we are that you are starting to implement microcurrent into your daily routine! Using our FDA-cleared, award-winning technology and innovative Ionized Skincare will take your skincare results to the next level. Microcurrent does far more than what other topical skincare can do, going beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate the facial muscles, leaving you with a lifted and toned appearance and diminishing the look of fine lines in 5 minutes (yep, you heard that right!) a day. With each treatment, the possibilities for radiant skin are endless—whether you’re contouring the cheeks, opening the eyes or smoothing the skin around the mouth. There is a solution for every skin concern. Plus, the best thing about NuFACE® Microcurrent Devices? They each work well with your lifestyle, allowing you to treat yourself, anytime and anywhere.

NuFACE Trinity vs. Mini

In this diagram below, we break down the differences between our top two microcurrent devices, so you can start gliding your way to an ageless appearance in no time. Have any other questions? We’re here to help—just hit us up at here.

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