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Botox & Microcurrent: All You Need To Know

Most of us like to tackle our skincare issues head-on with as much force as possible. For some, that may mean leveling up their skincare...

Botox & Microcurrent: All You Need To Know

Most of us like to tackle our skincare issues head-on with as much force as possible. For some, that may mean leveling up their skincare with ingredients that are proven to be effective. For others, that means going full force on non-invasive, at-home procedures that are research-backed. Still, others may look for more invasive options, like facial injections.

At NuFACE®, we everyone should take care of their skin with the methods that work best for them. If that involves the use of BOTOX®, then we’re cheering you on. The best news, you can still use your microcurrent treatments, even if you regularly get facial injections. 

We’ll explain how facial injections and microcurrent work and give you the information you need so you can use both safely and effectively. 

What Are Facial Injections?

There are numerous different types of facial injections available on the market, but they can loosely be divided into two main groups: fillers and freezers.


Fillers are designed to plump up the skin. As we age, collagen levels begin to decline. Collagen is the protein that helps keep our skin firm and structured. With less collagen, we may begin to form deep wrinkles and hollows in the skin. Fillers are designed to refill these thinner areas. 

Fillers are made from various ingredients, the most popular being hyaluronic acid and collagen. Fillers are injected under the skin and are commonly used to fill in areas that have deep-set wrinkles. Results from fillers may last three to six months, depending on the type of filler you use and your own genetics. 


Fine lines on the face are often caused by repetitive facial muscle movements. Freezers use botulism toxin to temporarily stop facial muscles from moving. These injections are placed under the skin and inserted into the facial muscle, paralyzing them for a period of time long enough for the repetitive motion that causes the wrinkle to stop. 

BOTOX® is the most popular botulinum injection. Most users need their injections repeated every three months. 

If you decide to get facial injections, it’s important to make sure you seek out a board-certified dermatologist who has years of experience with these procedures. You should never get facial injections at a non-medical spa, an at-home party, or a salon. 

What Is Microcurrent?

Microcurrent technology has been used by skincare professionals since the 1980s. The procedure is non-invasive and simple. Using a handheld device, an aesthetician sends a low-level electrical current into the skin down to the MUSCLE to shape the face.

Users of microcurrent get amazing results without invasive treatment. NuFACE® users are able to harness the power of microcurrent conveniently in the comfort of their own homes in as little as five minutes per day. 

Can You Use BOTOX® and Microcurrent Together? 

Short answer, yes. There are no studies that suggest that using microcurrent along with freezers or fillers will shorten the lifespan of your injections or interfere with them. There are currently no reported negative side effects of combining both. 

However, you should take a few precautions when using both to make sure you don’t develop skin sensitivity. When combining both, timing is everything. 

Combining Injections With Microcurrent

Microcurrent is a passive electrical stimulation that helps activate your facial muscles to train and tone them, while injections like BOTOX® freeze the muscles. Once you’ve had injections of any kind, it’s best to wait two weeks before restarting your microcurrent therapy to ensure you don’t have any issues with fillers or freezers “traveling,” or moving to other areas in your skin. 

Once two weeks have passed, you can begin safely using your microcurrent therapy again. Some users feel that using microcurrent along with their injections helps them go longer in between injections. 

Bottom line: The results you get from fillers or BOTOX® are not affected by your microcurrent treatments, so you can use them both together for even more facial toning and sculpting results. 

How To Use Microcurrent Therapy

If you’re new to microcurrent therapy, it’s easy to get started. There’s no right or wrong age, and the sooner you start the better your results can be. NuFACE offers multiple devices with different modalities and attachments to help target the areas you want to sculpt. 

All NuFACE devices are FDA-cleared and aesthetician-created to deliver real results you can see in just minutes per day. 

To Blur Fine Lines

The NuFACE FIX® Starter Kit works to smooth away lines on the forehead, around the eyes, and the nasolabial folds. The kit comes with FIX® Serum to prep the skin for microcurrent treatment, hydrate, and illuminate skin. 

This device works in just three minutes per day, and is a great accompaniment to the rest of your NuFACE skincare routine. It’s safe to use even if you’ve received facial fillers, but be sure to wait about two weeks after your fillers before resuming microcurrent treatment.

For On the Go Results

If you travel often or are always on the move, our Mini and MINI+ devices let you lift anytime, anywhere– even in the school pickup line for a toned and tight appearance. The NuFACE MINI+ Smart Petite Facial Toning Kit gives you everything you need to give your skin a little TLC (tone, lift, and contour) on the go. 

In addition to the NuFACE MINI+, you’ll also get a full-size Aqua Gel Activator and a travel-size Silk Crème Activator. Both activators increase hydration and ensure proper microcurrent conduction during your treatment. Use the Aqua Gel Activator for enhanced hydration and the Silk Crème Activator for additional brightening and firming. 

Also included is the Clean Sweep Application Brush, a sustainably-created brush that helps provide a mess-free Microcurrent Activator application.

For Daily Care

For everyday microcurrent treatment, the NuFACE TRINITY+ Smart Advanced Facial Toning Kit is the solution. This kit features the TRINITY+ device with 3-depth facial toning technology that works down to the MUSCLES for a toned and tightened appearance.

The TRINITY+ also has three interchangeable attachments to help you target hard-to-reach areas and to give you access to red light therapy, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even further. 

Like the Smart Petite Facial Toning Kit, this kit also comes with a Aqua Gel & Silk Crème Activator, and the Clean Sweep Application Brush. It’s everything you need to target lines and wrinkles at home with zero downtime.

Get Current

The market is ripe with solutions for keeping your skin looking and feeling more youthful, but if you’re not ready for invasive procedures, get current! Microcurrent is a non-invasive, low-level electrical current that helps provide a sculpted and lifted look. 

If you’re already getting injections, you can still use the power of microcurrent. NuFACE microcurrent devices won’t interfere with your injections, but it’s a great idea to wait two weeks after your injections before you begin using your microcurrent devices. 

Keep skin looking youthful, radiant, and tight with the solutions that work best for you. NuFACE gives you the power of the current in the comfort of your own home. 



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Disclaimer: BOTOX® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

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