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Are Cold Showers Good for Your Skin?

We all love a long, hot shower. But you might have heard that hot water can harm skin. Here’s what you need to know about...

Are Cold Showers Good for Your Skin?

We all love a long, hot shower. But you might have heard that hot water can harm skin. Here’s what you need to know about switching to cold showers and the benefits of cold showers for your skin.

What Are the Skincare Benefits of Cold Showers?

You may already know how cold showers can provide a much-needed wake-up call in the morning. However, cold showers have many benefits that are directly related to your skin’s health.

Soothe Itchy Skin

While hot showers might soothe the soul, they aren’t always kind to the skin. The heat and steam from the hot water can open up pores and leech moisture from the skin. If you shower too long, it can even damage your skin barrier.

Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of skin that keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. Essentially, it’s designed to keep water in and bacteria out. Damage to the skin barrier can cause the skin to lose hydration through transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and potentially introduce blemish-causing bacteria.

While too long a shower can cause damage no matter the temperature, hot showers are much harsher on the skin than cold showers. Taking cold showers can help minimize tightness and discomfort from dry skin and preserve the skin’s natural oils (or sebum).

Increase Circulation

Cold showers can also stimulate blood circulation by causing your blood vessels to constrict. As the blood vessels tighten, they direct blood to your vital organs.

This increased blood flow can bring a natural flush to your cheeks, which can help you appear young and vibrant. It can also help deliver oxygen and essential nutrients to your skin cells, improving the overall well-being of your skin.

Promote a Healthy Glow 

Cold water temperatures can also tighten the appearance of the skin and help pores close up, making them appear less prominent. This can make the skin appear younger and reduce puffiness.

Additionally, hot water doesn’t just cause dryness — it can also exacerbate certain skin conditions like eczema. This skin condition can cause red, scaly patches of skin. Cold showers can help avoid triggering these skin issues and support overall skin wellness.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cold Showers

Beyond skincare, cold showers have many benefits for overall health. For instance, increased circulation can help reduce muscle soreness in recovering athletes by helping to clear lactic acid from the muscles. It may also encourage weight loss, although more studies are needed to determine this.

Cold showers can also support the immune system by helping the body release anti-inflammatory chemicals. In one study, cold water immersion was shown to help participants combat illness and bacteria.

Finally, cold showers can help support mental health by activating the parasympathetic nervous system and releasing endorphins. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for the “rest and digest” response, and being exposed to cold temperatures can force the body to turn off the “fight or flight response temporarily.”

Are Hot Showers Good for Your Skin?

After reading about all the benefits of a cold shower, you may wonder if there are any benefits to showering with hot or warm water. While there are some reasons you may want to limit hot showers, you don’t need to get rid of them entirely — in fact, hot showers do have some benefits.

For instance, warm showers produce steam that can help relieve cold symptoms. They can also help muscles relax, which may help address any muscular tension after a stressful day or a long workout.

How Often You Should Take a Cold Shower

There’s no set amount of cold showers that you should take. You can make every shower a cold shower or just sprinkle it into your weekly routine. As long as you’re lowering your body temperature, you can see the results of increased circulation.

How You Can Enhance the Benefits of Cold Showers

While cold showers are a great tool to add to your daily lineup, they aren’t a replacement for a high-quality skincare routine. The benefits you might experience ultimately can’t do much for your skin if you aren’t already supporting it in your daily routine.

One way to extend the benefits of a cold shower is by investing in science-backed skincare products. Gentle cleansers, targeted serums, and moisturizers designed for your specific skin type can all help your skin appear more radiant and youthful.

One of the best things you can do to encourage a glowing appearance is to incorporate a microcurrent facial into your daily routine, especially right after a cold shower. For instance, you can use the TRINITY+® device to shape the look of your skin gently.

Simply cleanse your face and apply Supercharged IonPlex® Facial Mist to hydrate your skin through the treatment. Then, use your Clean Sweep Brush to apply a thin layer of the Microcurrent Activator. Use your device to sweep and hold the skin as the microcurrent helps to refine your appearance.

You can also use the TRINITY+ Wrinkle Reducer Attachment to add a red light facial into your routine. Ensure your skin is cleansed of any debris or buildup, then apply the wrinkle reducer attachment to one of seven focus areas. Hold it until you hear the beep, then move on to the next focus area.

The Bottom Line

Cold showers undoubtedly have their benefits for both skin and overall wellness. They can help soothe itchy skin, increase circulation, promote a healthy glow, support the immune system, and improve mental health. However, their effects may be more noticeable when coupled with a targeted skincare routine and science-backed devices.

The NuFACE TRINITY+ device is designed to sync with the NuFACE Smart App to deliver expert treatment tutorials and exclusive treatment modes. Plus, you can track your results in real-time with the Selfie Tracker and get reminders when it’s time for your subsequent treatment.

To learn more about leveling your skincare, visit the NuFACE Blog.



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