What People Are Saying About NuFACE

Customer Reviews

  • “This is one of the best at home facial devices. One of my favorites, a must have for us ladies.”

    — Roni McCloskey

  • “I have been using NuFACETrinity for five days and my face looks and feels amazing!”

    — Maria Maldonado

  • “Absolutely love it! I have used it only twice, and my face is noticeably lifted and wrinkles are less visible. It can only get better with regular use.”

    — Cashes

  • “I have never written about any product in 15 years. But, this is the best for sure. I’m 53 and after the use of NuFACE, I’m looking 43 after 2 years of use, and can’t live without it!”

    — Gilcarm

Beauty Industry Testimonials

  • “I am impressed with NuFACE. It stimulates the facial muscles and instantly produces a younger appearance! The results get better and better.”

    — Ken Paves, Beauty Expert

  • As the owner of The Woodhouse day spa, in Dublin Ohio, I’ve seen first hand the incredible results from using the NuFACE. Our guests are amazed at how a short service can “magically” appear to take years off your face.

    — Alan Reuter, Spa Owner

  • We love using NuFACE in our Facials, it’s easy to add it on to the treatments without adding extra time. Love the immediate results!

    — Fiori Spa, NuFACE Professional Account

  • “I am so thankful for my NuFACE device, not only for myself, but for my kit. The long hours and early calls on a film set make it the perfect device to encourage the skin to be ready for the days work. It helps to wake the face and improve the skin care to work at its optimum. Thanks NuFACE!”

    — Vivian Baker, Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • “If I was stranded on a desert island and could only take one skincare product, NuFACE would be it! It truly makes a difference in the firmness of the skin which is something makeup can’t do.”

    — Jessica DeBen, Celebrity Makeup Artist

  • “It’s amazing to have a product on the market that tones and tightens without a nip or a tuck.”

    — Tipareth Star, Beauty Expert