NuFACE Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer

NuFACE Gel Primer

Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer is a lightweight, velvety gel that hydrates and protects against dehydration while activating your microcurrent devices.


It’s time to supercharge your skin! This product is being discontinued. Activate your most powerful microcurrent results with our two new activators- Firming + Brightening Silk Crème and Hydrating Aqua Gel! 

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NuFACE Trinity® Starter Kit - Facial Toning Device
NuFACE Trinity® Starter Kit - Facial Toning Device

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NuFACE® Mini Starter Kit - Mini Facial Toning Device

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NuFACE Trinity® Complete - Facial Toning Kit
NuFACE Trinity® Complete - Facial Toning Kit

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NuBODY® - Body Toning Device
NuBODY® - Body Toning Device

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Current Price: $399

Frequently Asked Questions

NuFACE Gel Primers as they are specifically formulated to deliver the best results with the NuFACE Trinity Facial Trainer and NuFACE Mini devices. Gel Primers are what actually conduct the microcurrent and are necessary for treatment. Without the Primer, the current is not penetrating the skin. Additionally, no testing has been done without Gel Primers so results are unknown.

A thin layer should be applied, enough for the NuFACE device to glide easily, without pulling your skin. Keep the NuFACE Primer moist by spraying the NuFACE Optimizing Mist or applying more NuFACE Primer. Apply in sections to direct area of treatment to avoid the NuFACE Primer from drying out.


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