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Protect + Tighten

A clean, antioxidant serum booster that serves as the skin's ultimate protector, while enhancing microcurrent results!

  • Defends your skin against 98% of oxidative stress caused by blue light and other environmental aggressors.
  • Revitalizes skin & promotes an even, radiant tone
  • Improves firmness & elasticity for a youthful appearance
  • Use prior to activating for powerful results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on an average of 3 drops per use, your Ionized Super Booster should last at least one month. However, this depends on your own unique usage habits and frequency.

We recommend you apply 3-5 drops per use for full-face coverage.

One of our fave things about our all-new Ionized Super Boosters is that you can apply them in the AM or PM. Since mixing our Super Boosters with our Microcurrent Activators is a no-no, we recommend applying our Ionized Serum Boosters prior to your activators to help amp-up your microcurrent results. Not lifting that day? No problem. The load of skin-loving ingredients will boost your skin no matter what!

It always depends on how many drops you use per treatment. Since we recommend most clients use between 3-5 drops per treatment, if you used 3 drops you would receive 215 treatments per Booster, and if you used 5 drops, 129 treatments per Booster. Hope this helps!

You can either use our Ionized Super Boosters individually for your unique skin concerns or mixed together to customize and simplify your skincare regimen.

No, the boosters should be applied separately. If you’re looking to work our Ionized Super Boosters into your routine, we recommend applying prior to your Microcurrent Activator. Hope this helps!

No, the NuFACE Super Boosters do not replace the NuFACE® Microcurrent Activators. Hope this helps!

We love both of our all-new Ionized Super Boosters equally, but they definitely pack a world of difference in every drop. Our Super Antioxidant Booster is your preventative booster serum. This unique nourishing, antioxidant-rich booster shields skin against potential damage caused by blue light and other environmental aggressors while leaving your skin instantly looking tighter, brighter, and smooth.  


Our Super Peptide Booster is your corrective booster serum. Formulated with a triple-peptide complex and botanical extracts to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Each completely clean drop delivers a surge of ingredients to improve skin firmness and leave you looking instantly revitalized and radiant.  

Our boosters are not FDA-cleared. Since our Ionized Super Boosters are cosmetic products that are not designed to be paired directly for use with our microcurrent devices, unlike our Microcurrent Activators which are paired with the NuFACE Device to harness the microcurrent technology and thus are required to gain FDA clearance.


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