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Kate’s Q & A Facebook Recap from 6.17.14

June 17, 2014

Did you miss Kate's Chat on our Facebook page last week? Here's a compiled list of your questions and Kate's answers all about NuFACE products.

Q: Can you attach a link to your advanced use techniques? I can only find the wrinkle reducer video on the nuface site. I don't have a wrinkle reducer attachment.

A: We show the Advanced Techniques in this how-to video as well as a Vlog I posted.
Q: Can other products be used in place of your conductive serum?
A: Our Gel Primer is specifically formulated to be used with microcurrent. It will give you the optimal lift.
Q: Is there any danger of broken caps with the NuFACE like some other units?
A: I would always recommend consulting your physician first if you are prone to broken capillaries.
Q: I have watched the videos and I know they say to keep the device in motion when touching the face. But I wonder if there is a benefit to holding it in place for greater 'tensing'. What do you think?
A: Have you tried the advanced techniques? You actually do hold in trouble areas. You can watch the video which shows the advanced treatments here. I also did a Vlog which can be viewed here.
Q: What is the difference between the gel and creme primer?
A: The consistency. Gel is lighter and the creme (no longer available) is a little thicker. I like creme for dryer skin. It is nice to have both. I also like using the creme on my eyebrow area.
Q: I just received my NuFACE today, any tips for beginners?
A: Yippeeee! Make sure you take a before picture of yourself because we always forget what we look like before we start using NuFACE. Secondly make sure you only lift one half of your face before lifting the other side so you can see the difference. The first time I lifted I was in shock! I could not believe the difference. I also recommend only applying the gel in sections. For example the cheek and jowl area then the forehead to conserve the gel. If you apply on the entire face it tends to dry out. You can always use a hydrating mist or water to reactive the gel if you want to go back and work an area again. Happy Lifting!
Q: Been using this now for 3 months and have pictures. There is no change in the jowl area but assume it's because it's not that bad. I will continue to use as a exercise  I also do the advance.
A: I would love for you to share pics! We are always more critical of ourselves. I would definitely recommend for maintenance and preventative. You never want to wait until it is too late to exercise!
Q: I have used my NuFace just about everyday for the past year, and haven't really noticed much of a change over the last 6 months or so, can I start using it less often without lossing the tone I have or do I have to continue to use it daily.
A: You can go on maintenance! I personally still like to use mine daily because it is just part of my daily routine and it also helps with product penetration. I use my NuFACE serums so it enhances the penetration. You can cut down to 2-3 days per week to maintain.
Q: I have had my NuFace Trinity® for 1 day and very excited to get started. I am looking for advance directions but can't get the YouTube video to work. Is there written instructions for advanced?
A: Yay! Were you looking at the videos on our site? Perhaps try from our youtube channel directly. We are working on adding the advanced instructions to the site but they are not up yet. Hopefully that link will work for you.
Q: Can you use the Trinity on your hands?
A: The Trinity device in particular is FDA-cleared for facial stimulation, we can only recommend for facial treatments.
Q: Is the mini less powerful than trinity??
A: No that is the best thing about it! NuFACE® mini is just more petite but still as powerful and holds a two week charge. It is designed to be a true 5 min treatment so it automatically shuts off after 5 minutes but you can always turn it back on if you want to work an area longer. It also DOES NOT have the capability to build on with the attachments. It is a great introduction to microcurrent and the most affordable way to try the technology at home.
Q: I have the TWR but because I was discouraged have just been using the big probes. I bought a Lightstim years ago which is the the same technology as your attachment and swear by the lights. If I didn't have the Lightstim I would have bought yours.
A: Ya I have Lightstim. I use that on my chest  I like our lights on the Trinity Wrinkle Reducer because they easily tuck into those hard to reach areas of the face.
Q: One thing I have noticed is my skin tone is brighter
A: I believe it! Think about what working out does for our bodies and our energy level. It really is the same concept for the face.
Q: I've been using it (Trinity Facial Trainer) for 20 minutes. Is this to be used everyday or would 5 be enough?
A: That is perfectly safe. You want to give your face time to rest as well so 20 minutes is enough. Do you have any of our attachments? Our CEO is doing a 5 day challenge. She is using all 3 attachments everyday and I was blown away by how plump her face looks! 5 minutes a day 5 times per week is our protocol. In fact we have Clinical Studies that show the benefits of using NuFACE this same amount of time. The Before and After Photos can be seen on our website here.
Q: How often can I use the nuface device and when will i see great results
A: You can see results in as little as minutes however remember the results are cumulative so just like a work-out they continue to improve over time. We recommend a minimum of 5 minutes per day and it can safely be used up to 20 minutes a day. My mom sits on the couch at night watches her programs and lifts! It is the easiest workout you will ever have!
Q: I stopped using my NuFace because I was getting sensitivity in my teeth. Is this a problem...or a normal sensation?
A: Some people say they taste metal which is actually normal. That is the detoxification process and usually dissipates after a while.
Q: Can you tell me if NuFACE is ok for sensitive skin?
A: It is safe for all skin types but you can always test patch an area first! Happy Lifting!
Kate Prais